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Warranty service is a compulsory attribute of each authorized Komandor representation. Our company is confident in the quality of its products, so the warranty on products with the KOMANDOR accessories is for 5 years at least.

We recommend to apply only to the authorized Komandor points of sale, a list of which you can find here.

While ordering Komandor dressing-rooms, partitions, sliding doors and wardrobes, remember that you have to conclude a written contract concerning the furniture production service. Such contract should include the number, date and place of sale, subject of the contract, the cost of services and the amount of the advance payment, obligations of the parties, private and contact parties details. It is necessary to keep this agreement because it is the guaranty and basis for warranty service.

In case of the warranty accident you should contact the authorized office, where you ordered or bought furniture or you can call to Komandor information line.

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