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Column system

The exclusive wardrobe system that is marked by the modern appearance and reliability in exploitation. Column system is mostly used for the separate dressing rooms furnishing. The features of column system construction and design allow it to look impressive in any room: living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, home library and more. Opened constructions of the column systems provide a room area with the special weightlessness. A good overview of the wardrobe content and easy access to all the things ensure a perfect comfort in use. Column dressing-room construction is a combination of functionality and innovative design, which will satisfy people who are looking for perfection in everything.

Orto system

Orto Column System is an innovative wardrobe system with minimalist design and high functionality. Designed for creation of modern walk-in wardrobes and shelving constructions of the opened type. Modern accessories will become a perfect addition to Orto system and will help to conveniently place clothes, shoes, personal belongings, souvenirs and decorative items. Architectural simplicity, clarity of lines and perfect form make the Orto system an excellent solution for stylish furnishing of walk-in wardrobes, living rooms, lobbies, studios, creative workshops and art objects. This system will be perfect for the interiors in Scandinavian and Loft style. The laconic design and topical coloring of the system allow creating of furniture that impress by the visual lightness, perfect composition and special style.

Rod system

Universal wardrobe system which is characterized by practicality, functionality and can be used almost in every situation. Typically it is used for the dressing rooms of closed type, although it can be used for producing dressing rooms of open type as well. Komandor dressing room will help every woman to implement her dream into life, and men will appreciate the ability to quickly find the right thing. Besides equipping houses, rod system will be useful also while furnishing the offices and warehouses, show-windows and shopping halls, clothing stores and haberdashery shops. Balanced design, absence of unnecessary decorative elements make rod constructions convenient for practical use and most suited to your needs.

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