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Products - Kitchens and cabinets


Aluminum system for sliding and stripping doors installing in small dwellings. Topaz will be an appropriate choice for manufacture of hanging and standing wardrobes, cabinets, drawers and closets. The system is best suited for furnishing niches and for wardrobes up to 1800 mm high. Profile of correct square form will satisfy people who love symmetry and geometric shapes, and combined with the interesting coloristic decisions on the furniture facade Topaz system will be an excellent solution for the kitchens, living rooms, hallways or bathrooms furnishing.


System of frame profiles for small niches furnishing and decoration of furniture facades. We offer 9 varieties of Opal profiles for creation of the comfortable oversized constructions. This system can be used for traditional standing wardrobes and for the wall cabinets, for drawers, shelves, cabinet furniture facades. Stylish color of profiles and a variety of Opal system modifications allow to perform functional constructions that will perfectly fit into the overall room design.

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