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Products - Cupboards and niches

Sliding doors

Sliding doors will be the most popular solution for production of the wardrobes and interior doors. Sliding Komandor systems are characterized by variability and extensive technical and design capabilities. Komandor wardrobes-compartments with the sliding doors allow to use the room area in the most efficient way, to organize things in the perfect order and to aesthetically beautify the interior. They will be equally perfect as for housekeeping (wardrobes for the bedroom, living room, hallway, nursery, kitchen) so for office (for storing documents, clothes, personal items and gadgets). Aluminum and steel sliding systems are produced by advanced technology from the highest quality materials, so Komandor cabinets are characterized by the high reliability, durability and attractive appearance.

Pivoting doors

Pivoting doors will be the perfect option of space organization for the classics lovers. The features of such doors are: simplicity, concise style and practicality in application. Cabinets, displays and shelves with the swinging doors will amaze you by the convenience and easy access to the furniture content. Such furniture will be useful while refurnishing of the shallow closets and niches, particularly in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and more. An interesting solution will be the use of transparent swing doors for furnishing of a home library or office. Always actual swinging facades will cope in the best way with the task of competent small space organization and compact niches installation. A variety of systems and materials for the facade will give you an opportunity to functionally adapt products to meet your individual needs and ideally fit to the interior.

Folding and interior doors

Folding doors will help you to decorate a room in an original way, to organize the area properly and to give elegance to the interior. Halves of the doors can serve as a wardrobe facade, as the interior doors and as the entrance to the dressing room. Decorative opportunities of this type of doors will please people with the innovative thinking and creative vision. The system provides several mounting options that influence on the furniture appearance and access to the wardrobe content. Depending on the functional tasks and designer's ideas you can choose 5 kinds of Komandor folding-sliding door systems, each of which will impress you with an extraordinary and special style.

Slanted doors

Doors with a slant - it is a great choice for the attics and non-conventional closets furnishing. Taking into consideration the specifics of the rooms upstairs and non-conventional places in the house, we offer the best functional solutions. Komandor slanted doors will accurately reproduce the geometry of the room and will help to fill in the space of your home in the best possible way. Doors with a slant are often used for attic space furnishing, for the space under the stairs, corridors, bathrooms and children's room with one or more sloping walls. A variety of systems and materials for the insert will help to furnish the room beautifully and practically.

Coplanar doors

Wardrobes-compartments with coplanar systems – it is a new stage in the cabinet furniture design. Visual lightness, stylish appearance and perfect functionality – these features are perfectly combined in Komandor coplanar systems. Coplanar systems are designed to solve the problems of optimal and aesthetic organization of room area. The main peculiarity of this system is a door, which slides aside when opened, thus providing an easy access to the cabinet content, and in the closed position the doors form a solid surface. Such features of the door design create an ideal basis for implementing the minimalist design in the interior. If you choose Komandor coplanar system, it will allow you to solve the issue of convenient things storage and elegant room decoration.

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