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Products - Accessories


Accessories are the elements of internal wardrobes and dressing rooms filling. Designed for easy placement of your clothes, underwear, household equipment, household appliances and other household items. Ergonomic, practical, functional and stylish organizers allow you to keep things in your wardrobe in the perfect order and to find quickly the thing you need. To your choice - a variety of fixed and sliding baskets, shelves, hangers, beam hangers, studs for footwear, furniture handles, holders for small appliances and more. Choosing KOMANDOR accessories is a good solution for harmonious organization of your wardrobe inner space and for convenient storage of your goods.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a modern system of light-emitting-diode lighting devices for the wardrobes - compartments, dressing rooms and other types of housing. We offer overhead spot lamps and LED battens, designed for illuminating the interior space of the whole furniture unit or its separate parts. A significant advantage of the system is the choice of the lamps switching mode: lights turn on automatically when the door is opened, react to human movement or touch to the sensor. These features make LED lighting products convenient for the daily use and significantly save electricity. Installing of such lighting will provide you with the easy access to the wardrobe-compartment content and you will be able to see everything clearly.

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